Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Homework Reminders for ALL year group's

Tuesday 17th of May.


First Year Art: Continue with your Prep. sheet project - the deadline is 23rd May & I will be collecting your healthy eating posters tomorrow at the end of the double art class.  Can those who came to class yesterday without art pads & homework please bring the work in tomorrow as I will be checking it.

Second Year Art: Continue with Coiling art project - I will collect healthy eating posters on Thursday.

Third Year Art: As you have not completed your summer examination & project work - well done & congratulations to you, everyone is now to use the remaining art classes to study & revise for the rest of the exams.  You can also do some homework in my class but please be prepared and bring your copies/books that you need with you.  I will need your help in next weeks double class to do some DIY art pieces for the TY grad night (I mentioned this to you's in Tuesdays class) so I will those who can help jobs to do - We also need to do a big clean up & clear out of the art room before the end of the year.

T.Y Art group: This Thursday we will be working on creating some D.I.Y decor pieces for the TY grad night next week.  Please continue to research ideas that we discussed in class.

Fifth year art: Continue with your poster/ still life project for the summer exam.  Also please revise art history Irish art section in preparation for the art history summer exam.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

2nd Year - Summer Exam Details

Wed. 10th May.

As you know your coiling paper project will make up 50% of your overall summer art exam and then on the day of the exam which takes place in the gym you will do a drawing examination which makes up 50% of your exam.

Drawing exam in the gym - Choose one of the following drawings from the list of portrait's below:

The exam supervisor will give you A3 paper & the handouts of the pictures below to work from on the day of the examination also.  You will need to bring your own art equipment with you and practice it in advance of the exam.

You have THREE classses to complete your portrait drawing.

Summer examination - First Year

Wed. 10th May.

First Year Art Summer Exam: Tuesday 30th May class 5 & 6 in the Gym

EXAM DETAILS: On Tuesday 23rd of May you will submit your prep. sheet which makes up 50% of your summer exam.  Then on Tuesday 30th of May you will do a drawing exam in the Gym which makes up 50% of your summer exam also.

Below, is the drawing you will be asked to do - you choose ONE which you like & this is the one that you do on the day of the exam,  on white A3 paper - you can choose if you would like to add colour to this piece or a background.  I want you to focus on layout, shading, size and detail & you can be as creative as you like.  Add colour where you think necessary.

Choose one of the following to draw (you will get both handouts on the day of the exam by the exam supervisor)


Congratulations 3rd Year's !!!!!!!!

Wed 10th May,

A massive well done & congratulations to all of my Junior Certificate art group who finished their art examination today.  You have all worked so hard, showed great dedication throughout the year & you all deserve to do well - I have no doubt you will.

We can celebrate class on Thursday!!!
 From now on in our art class you will have the opportunity to study, do homework and revise for your other examinations this June.  You also may have to help out with the clear out of the art room before the end of year & other little school art projects.


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

3rd Year - Drawing Exams - Wed 10th May - REMINDERS

Tuesday 9th May. '17

ART EXAM REMINDERS - For your drawing exams on Wednesday 10th of May '17

Everyone who missed today's double art class due to the rugby and bake sale in school event's, below are a couple of reminder's as to the outline of tomorrows drawing exams.  Please do not forget your still life object's, drawing materials, correct drawing pencils & equipment for tomorrow's exam.  The exam supervisor will give you all A2 white sheets of paper but if you decide to bring your own please get the supervisor to sign & date etc on the back of the sheet.

ROOM: Both exams will take place in Room 7 -  the art room 


Still life drawing:  9.30 - 10.30 ( As I said last week, please come early to set up, come down at 9am as I will have the room open then for you to set up) - Please do not forget to bring your object from the list.

Life sketching: 11.00 - 12.30

  • The supervisor will give you two sheets of A2 white paper to work on.  
  • You need to put your examination number plus the two stickers you left in your grey envelopes onto both drawing sheets.
  • At end place both sheets into your grey envelopes at the bottom.  
  • The envelopes will then be sealed for examination.  Please ensure all work is INSIDE the folder before you do this & that the supervisor sees it.
  • Please ensure you keep an eye on the time & do not use paint for the second exam 11-12.30 as the paint will still not be dry at this stage & all exam work must go into the grey envelopes at 12.30.  Just be careful to take into consideration DRYING TIME.

You will go back to class after the exam once you have cleaned up & lunch will be as normal 1.20.  


Monday, 8 May 2017

5th year summer project - 50% of art examination

Monday 8th May.

As I mentioned today in class, as part of your summer exam I will be grading practical work as 50% of your exam and then the art history exam will take place in the school gym is worth 50% also.  Your art history exam will be a past Leaving Cert. exam paper on either the stone age or bronze age.


Choose one of the following themes and design and create either a still life or a poster - on A2 size paper, using any medium of your choice.  Your poster or still life idea should represent and reflect your chosen theme, be creative, unique and detailed.  If you choose to do a poster you must include the full title of the theme on yous poster.

START DATE: Tuesday 9th of May
DEADLINE: Tuesday 23rd May

Themes - Choose one to base your project on- 

  1. Carnival
  2. Ancient Cultures
  3. Summer in Ireland
  4. Success

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

5th year - Portraiture class in the sunshine

Wed 3rd May.

Some of the 5th year art group enjoying a portraiture lesson outside in the sunshine today :)